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The image slider comparison is coming! After and before, drag the handle to compare versions. A new easy, out of the box, module now available here! Free Download!

MK extensions

Think it, project it, design it. 

MK extensions come all from experience. Each module and plugin have been developed to respond to real necessities. 
Our goal? Find the best solutions for common problems that people must face when creating a new website in Joomla. 

We get inspired from the best online resources: codyhouse.co, codrops.net, jqueryrain.com and all the most rated github libraries.

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MK Photoswipe Gallery for Joomla!

New version is arrived, try it now!
Easy to use and configure. Bootstrap and masonry layouts with multiple options.
Auto resizing photos to save page loading time.
Modern Design

Modern Design

Designed with modern trends and techniques in mind, MK Photoswipe will help to show galleris with easy.


Designed to be fully responsive. Thanks to PhotoSwipe and masonry js libraries, your galleries will be fully responsive and touch enabled.
Touch gestures

Touch gestures

All touch gestures supported: swipe to next and rpevious photos, pinch to zoom or close, swipe up or down to close. Share and download buttons available for each photo.
MK Store Locator
  • Style for maps
  • Works with Joomla contacts
  • Geolocation
  • Drag marker position
  • Filter markers on map
  • Responsive design
MK Dropzone
  • Administrator module
  • Plugin for article's form included
  • Drag to upload and resize
  • Joomla 3.x! compatible
  • Custom suffix (prepend or append)
  • PNG transparency supported

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