How to prevent and secure Joomla 3 from being hacked

December 2015 has been a black month for Joomla! users due to a vulnerability discovered by Joomla Security Strike team and affecting all versions. It has been fixed with the release of a patch in Joomla 3.4.6 then followed by 3.4.7 this time for a bug in PHP itself. At the time of this writing latest Joomla version is 3.4.8, three patches within 30 days. Hackers were really happy about that! Although most of the Joomla attacks come from extenions vulnerabilities we must remember that core...

Best Joomla! extensions 2015

Top 10 Joomla extensions to speed up and improve your control panel in administration site. Find out our must have extensions to work better with your Joomla! CMS getting the best and simplifying the hardest jobs.