The gallery below shows a masonry gallery with 1px guttering and auto thumbs to save load page time. 

It has been set with 4 photos per row in large view, 2 for medium devices (tablet portrait) and 1 on smaller devices (smartphone).

Ready to the new system message for Joomla?

MK Alerts is a system plugin that works with Joomla! 3.x and later. It will replace the core Joomla! system message with popups alerts.

Moreover, the plugin comes with an integrated shortcode system to fire alerts wherever you want simply calling a shortcode like:

{ mkal This is my awesome alert! }


FREE version

  • 4 different messages type: success, warning, info and error
  • works with Joomla! default messages

PRO version

  • 4 different messages type: success, warning, info and error
  • works with Joomla! default messages
  • replace the default system message
  • works in administrator panel
  • shortcode system
  • confirm message with callback function
  • support guaranteed within 24h

Shortcode MKAL is easy and simple

PRO version has a shortcode system easy to use and with a usefull callback function to launch your custom javascript function.

Here below you find a series of shortcode examples with live demo.



{ mkal Great! | Thank you for your submission | success }


{ mkal Info | Do you know you can get a FREE version of MK Alerts? | info }


{ mkal Warning | This website uses cookies | warning}


{ mkal Error | You didn't buy yet your PRO version of MK Alerts | success }

How does shortcode work?

The shortcode syntax is very easy to use, just follow some rules:

Every shortcode must begin with a curly bracket followed (without spaces) by the word 'mkal' and finish with a curly bracket.

Example (remember without spaces, here I use just to show code and don't fire the alert): 

{ mkal your message here }

Write between brackets the message you want to show

{ mkal your simple message here }

If you want to give a title to your message, divide the text with a pipe |

{ mkal Title | your simple message here }


If you want to set the type icon use another pipe followed by: success, info, warning or error

{ mkal Title | This is an error message | error }

{ mkal Title | This is a success message | success }


You can also use a callback to run your own function after the user confirm the alert:

{ mkal Title | Do you like cookies? | warning | setCookies() }


If your function has some parameters to pass, write them without single or double quotes and separets by commas:

{ mkal Title | Do you like cookies? | warning | setCookies( true, 365 ) }

MK Alerts for Joomla! system messages

Yes, it works with the Joomla messages. For example when a user fails trying to login to your website... wanna try? 

Try to login from the form below, demo / demo or everything you want, it will raise an MK Alert warning =)

Material design for Joomla? Let's start

MK Admin shortcut is the first, of a series, extensions that uses material design to make your Joomla site more easy to use with the material style.

Most of the know web applications (gmail, linkedin, twitter...) use material design to simplify the common and most used action. Look on the right 2 examples of gmail and twitter app for android:

FREE version

Floating buttons for Joomla!

Here we give you the first module developed in material design for Joomla, this is a floating menu working into your administrator site. You can fully configure it and customize with icons and colors. No limits, you can create all buttons you need... or till your window can displays :)

After installing go to components -> module manager. Select the administrator modules view, you'll find MK Admin Shortcut. Assign this module to status position, publish and save. This is already working.

You can easily configure other buttons but if you have problems contact us or use the chat system. We're preparing a youtube video tutorial... coming soon!

Enjoy with MK Admin Shortcut!


This is a demo page, content, photos will be deleted periodically. Please do not upload your personal photos if you don't want to show to other users.

Thanks, Mapk

Try it!

Here below you can try the dropzone demo. Choose the resize for intro and full images, upload one or more photos (max 1MB each), by default they will be saved with _thumb and _full suffix appended. Then reload this page to see your photos on the gallery below. NOTICE that photos will be saved and periodically deleted so do not use personal photos.

The demo gallery



MK Menu Collection for Joomla! is the ultimate collection of menu themes you can easily implements in your CMS.

Thank to the new admin panel, this module offers lot of parameters for a fully customizable menu.
This module has been tested starting from a new installation (themeless) of Joomla! 3.4, it means that we added a compatility panel to import the required libraries in case you theme doesn't include natively: jQuery, Bootstrap v2 or v3, FontAwesome 4.4.

Here down you can test the Circular CSS & SVG Menu Theme for Joomla! that uses the circle theme. Another example of this module is on the top left (right in this page) corner of this website. 

This module will be soon available for purchase on Codecanyon at this link.

MK uses new admin interface

MK Menu is the new menu collection for Joomla! with sidebar, circular menu, pullup menu and more coming soon. On the side image you can look at the new admin panel with some of the possible parameters/combinations that will let you fully customize your new joomla! menu. 

The settings you see are the same used for the example at top right. As you noticed, I choosed a "fixed" position, consequently the menu is always visible inside the window. MK Menu uses a fixed position with the values: 60px 10px 0 0. It's easy to put your menu in desired position, playing with the css parameters it will be easy to place circle menu on bottom, right or top.

Menu Sidebar and Pull-up

Here in this page you also find a version of the sidebar menu for Joomla! and pull-up menu for Joomla! fixed at left and bottom respectively. They share the same style but moving right from left or up from bottom. As you can see the MK Menu module has been developed to give the possibility to use more instances in the same page without causing javascript or css conflicts. Here we have already 4 MK Menu without any crash. 

All the menu themes in this module are responsive CSS3 menu. Our goal is to add new themes and improve the compatibility on all the most used browsers and devices.