MK Admin Shortcut

Material design for Joomla? Let's start

MK Admin shortcut is the first, of a series, extensions that uses material design to make your Joomla site more easy to use with the material style.

Most of the know web applications (gmail, linkedin, twitter...) use material design to simplify the common and most used action. Look on the right 2 examples of gmail and twitter app for android:

FREE version

Floating buttons for Joomla!

Here we give you the first module developed in material design for Joomla, this is a floating menu working into your administrator site. You can fully configure it and customize with icons and colors. No limits, you can create all buttons you need... or till your window can displays :)

After installing go to components -> module manager. Select the administrator modules view, you'll find MK Admin Shortcut. Assign this module to status position, publish and save. This is already working.

You can easily configure other buttons but if you have problems contact us or use the chat system. We're preparing a youtube video tutorial... coming soon!

Enjoy with MK Admin Shortcut!