MK ChartLoader

This is a FREE module for Joomla! that provides a loading chart with multiple customization options. 

It will help you to show features on your Joomla website with a chart for whatever you need. For example you can show your skills knowledge in percentage: programming 85%, web design 100%, css 90% and so on. For each chart you can choose to show inside: percentage value, font awesome icon or image. But it's not all! Set a target of registered users you want to reach and MK ChartLoader will show dinamically the actual percent.

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Extended Feature list:

  • Joomla! 3.2+ compatible
  • jQuery easypiechart library
  • Fully customizable with build-in color picker:
    • Choose a Color for chart bar foreground
    • Choose a Color for chart loading bar
    • Choose a Color for Text
    • Choose a Color for scale lines
  • Choose if display inside chart
    • Percent value
    • Custom text
    • Select image with built-in media manager
    • Choose fontawesome icon and set color and size
    • Number of registered users
  • Different easing animations
  • Multiple chart instances allowed inside the same page, no conflicts!