MK Dropzone

Finally arrived, upload and resize images in Joomla, now it's easy!

It's a common question among Joomla users, how to upload dinamically resize images? The answer is here.
MK Dropzone is an administrator module usually positioned into control panel for a easiest accessibility. You can drag images (jpg, png or gif) into dropzone and decide how many resizing to get.

Now you can improve joomla performance and speed using scaled Joomla photo and images. Resize on the fly when you upload images, crop them to square when you need it.


version: 1.5   last update: 06 December, 2016
Drag & drop

Drag & drop

Simply drag and drop your images into the dropzone area. Upload will start automatically! Easy, what else?


Generate up to 4 sizes: original, small, medium and large formats. You decide the measures for each generated thumbnail.


Now you can set a cropping method: crop and crop to square

Video guide

Improve Joomla performance

Using MK Dropzone to upload your images you can optimize photo in jpg and png format. This will save lot of time on page loading because your images have a light weight.
MK Dropzone to upload and resize images and photo on Joomla. Improve speed and performance

FAQ for MK Dropzone

Why should I use this extension?
Faster website = increased page ranking. It's not a secret that Google dislike slow pages. A well not optimized homepage with lot of photos can easily reach >5MB. In our tests we were able to decrease page weight up to 60%, that's a lot of load time! Moreover your user's experience will benefit of faster pages.
Can I use custom suffix?
How many thumbnails can be generated?
Who can use MK Dropzone?