MK Menu Collection

MK Menu Collection for Joomla! is the ultimate collection of menu themes you can easily implements in your CMS.

Thank to the new admin panel, this module offers lot of parameters for a fully customizable menu.
This module has been tested starting from a new installation (themeless) of Joomla! 3.4, it means that we added a compatility panel to import the required libraries in case you theme doesn't include natively: jQuery, Bootstrap v2 or v3, FontAwesome 4.4.

Here down you can test the Circular CSS & SVG Menu Theme for Joomla! that uses the circle theme. Another example of this module is on the top left (right in this page) corner of this website. 

This module will be soon available for purchase on Codecanyon at this link.

MK uses new admin interface

MK Menu is the new menu collection for Joomla! with sidebar, circular menu, pullup menu and more coming soon. On the side image you can look at the new admin panel with some of the possible parameters/combinations that will let you fully customize your new joomla! menu. 

The settings you see are the same used for the example at top right. As you noticed, I choosed a "fixed" position, consequently the menu is always visible inside the window. MK Menu uses a fixed position with the values: 60px 10px 0 0. It's easy to put your menu in desired position, playing with the css parameters it will be easy to place circle menu on bottom, right or top.

Menu Sidebar and Pull-up

Here in this page you also find a version of the sidebar menu for Joomla! and pull-up menu for Joomla! fixed at left and bottom respectively. They share the same style but moving right from left or up from bottom. As you can see the MK Menu module has been developed to give the possibility to use more instances in the same page without causing javascript or css conflicts. Here we have already 4 MK Menu without any crash. 

All the menu themes in this module are responsive CSS3 menu. Our goal is to add new themes and improve the compatibility on all the most used browsers and devices.