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For Amazon Sellers - working on

Receive notifications on your android smartphone every time you sell a product, receive new reviews (oor get review removed) and spy your competitors.

Why Check Recheck?

Sales Notifications

Receive notifications for your sales on, you choose the interval time every 5 minutes, 15, 30 or 1 hour, 3 or 6 hours.

Designed for Android

This is App is actually available only for Android smartphones.

Spy competitors

Receive notifications every time a competitor put a price lower than your target price or if they run a lightning deal, coupon discount or they are out of stock.

Reviews Notification

Receive notifications when a new review is posted. It will also notify you if a review has been removed.

Sales chart

Your daily sales in a easy to understand pie chart. See which products you sold today, do not wait.

Read how to configure it.

Stop giving access to your seller account. 

With Check Recheck you will use your own credentials and you will not share them,
in fact the information are stored in your phone only!


  • Find your Seller ID:
    Login into your Seller Central, at the top right "Settings" and click on "Permissions".
    A new page will open and you will find "Amazon Web Developer Permissions", in this section you will find your personal Seller ID.
    If you don't see this section then you need to activate your Amazon MWS (free) at this link:​​
  • Find the AWS Key:
    Ok now under "Amazon Web Developer Permissions" look at the "Current Authotization" table, the first row contains your credentials. Click on "view your credentials" and a popup will show you the AWS Access key. 

  • Find your Secret Key:
    ok last step, from the same popup of the previous step click on "view" to display your secret key. 

It's done! Not so easy maybe, but now you are using Check Recheck with your own credentials!
No other servers, no access permission sharing!

All the data are in your smartphone!

Enjoy it!

Do you need more information?

We are workingly hardly to include new features and useful functionality.

During next weeks we will also release new versions to implement new features and fix some bugs.

Do you wanna help?

Send us an email if you find some errors, it will help us a lot to improve Check Recheck

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